Thursday, January 31, 2013

What is a Hybrid Publisher?

The publishing industry has been in rapid change for the last 10 years. With the advent of easier publishing methods and now the rise of eBooks, many authors (even famous ones) are bypassing the traditional publishing method that has become driven by big name celebrities and well-known authors to bother to give the new and emerging authors a shot. This is why companies like 3L Publishing have risen to open new doors and create opportunities for new authors to have a way to publish.

So, what is a hybrid publisher? A hybrid publisher offers all of the services of a traditional publisher only authors pay to have their books published in exchange for higher royalties. Traditional publishers typically offer royalties that range from 10-12 percent. Here at 3L Publishing, we offer royalty rates that range from 35-70 percent. Additionally 3L Publishing selects roughly two to three titles a year to publish traditionally, which means we not only pay advances, but also we pay the entire freight to publish the book.

Why go with a hybrid publisher? Here are the benefits:

New and emerging authors have a real shot to publish with a quality publisher. A hybrid is NOT vanity press. Vanity press or self-publishers will publish ANYTHING! Got a book titled 10 Reasons to Wash Clothes ... they'll publish it. Here at 3L Publishing, we will not publish any book walked in the door. We have a vetting process aimed at looking at quality products we think will sell.

If we believe in a title's viability, we offer editorial services by expert professionals to raise the quality up toward excellence. We provide a variety of editorial services, including ghost writing, literary coaching, editing, and proof reading. Our coaches and editors are professionals who have their own books published or have been in the publishing business for years.

Super high royalties result in higher return on investment (ROI). Most authors (depending on the cost to produce their books) can break even at around 800 to 1,000 books sold. A best-selling Amazon book (which 3L has produced three Amazon best sellers), and the money stays in the author's pocket. 3L Publishing doesn't reap the riches, the author reaps the rewards.

The author retains the copyright. If 3L Publishing doesn't acquire a title, it means we don't acquire the copyright. An author who uses the hybrid method retains his/her copyright. If the book becomes a best seller and the author elects to move publishers, he or she can easily do so.

The author still gets into all of the online publishing sites and bookstores. We provide the framework and infrastructure to get the author into the bookstores and online sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble or even Target's online store. We also own all of the eBook channels including Kindle, Nook and iBook via Apple.

Does this sound like something you've been searching for to publish your book? Please send a sample chapter and summary of your book to or call 916-300-8012.

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