Friday, January 18, 2013

Vengeance is Now Coming Soon

3L Publishing is so excited that erotic-thriller Vengeance is Now by new novelist Scott D. Roberts is almost ready to go on press. The book has been a labor of love for the writer, and I have been working closely with him for months to get it nailed down and perfect. Roberts is a gifted writer and a natural talent. Much of the dialog and interactions are often priceless and funny. The dark quality of the book -- and Roberts' ability to lead us into the mind of a serial killer while at the same time creating an authentic, funny and flawed character in his hero Tate Halloway, police detective turned "man-whore" turned private investigator, makes Vengeance is Now the book to buy in 2013. I am impressed with Roberts ability to switch back and forth between the creepy, gory and disturbing chapters into action, sex, humor and intrigue. I can't reveal too much about the book quite yet (who is the serial killer ... you will be hard pressed to figure that one out). In fact, I may have to give my staff a reward if one of them is able to tell me before they finish the book who the diabolical maniac is.

Vengeance is Now is set to release in advance sales in late February exclusively on the 3L Publishing website at It will not go into wide release on Amazon and the book stores until May 2013. Readers who purchased advanced copies will be able to get Roberts' signature. After that, well, it will be nearly impossible for him to sign the millions of copies we expect to sell ;). Watch out, too. Roberts is deeply connected to Hollywood. You can expect to see Halloway's character adorn either the small or big screen.

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