Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Accountability and Transparency in Business

Lessons in life and positivity. First, everything is what you make of it. I had some major things come up over the last few days. I always try to live from a positive perspective. I try not to stress out. So, here are some great outlooks to take when you're running your business to keep it positive and avoid what I'll coin as "sad-sack-itis" to which the cure is a good dose of smiling even if you don't feel like it.

Always stay grounded and professional. I am going to tell you the ultra secret to my success. Do not react to people. Ground yourself. Think it all through. Then in an unemotional way respond. Come from a fact-based place. Do not bring in personal thoughts. "Just the facts ma'am."

Keep all of your documentation and stay transparent. Clients can complain. Heck people complain in general. But make sure you have a back-up in place. I buy extra storage space on Gmail to ensure I can keep my emails dating way back. So, if a client accuses 3L Publishing on not delivering something, I can go back into my historic records and show them otherwise.  It may not quell their hard feelings (and some people just need something to complain about anyway), but it keeps my slate clean.

Keep all administrative paperwork and accounting current. When working with vendors, keep the paperwork in order. Again, documentation always saves the day over accusations. If you're not good at keeping the paperwork orderly, make sure you hire a manager or assistant who is organized and can keep everything straight.

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