Thursday, January 24, 2013

Facebook and Facebook Advertising

We are finalizing the work on the amazing and forthcoming 3L Publishing book Vengeance is Now (please become a fan if you like thrillers) by the incomparable Scott D. Roberts. Scott, who is also a phenomenal businessman, decided to procure one of those Facebook advertisements to promote the fan page. The results were impressive and nearly doubled the "likes" -- and for me it was an incubator experiment to see how social media advertising might provide results. Well, I was most assuredly impressed to see that over 46,000 people also viewed that advertisement -- that is A LOT of views and impressions. It is also an excellent tool to create brand recognition. So while those viewers did not all become fans, they did see and become familiar with the brand. Brand recognition is valuable for future sales. Maybe these viewers didn't have an interest right then, but like all highly recognizable brands, it will help with future sales. Remember the more people see something, the more likely they are to buy it when they are in the mood for that form of entertainment. So, the increased visibility for the brand itself was worth the nominal investment in the ad. So as a veteran marketer, I give this approach with social media a big thumbs up. Facebook should give me free ads for that endorsement LOL.

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