Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Sales

If you're an author, I have a HUGE, worthwhile piece of information to share with you this morning. Are you just eager to know what it is? Here we go ... did you know that your book cover can make or break your book sales? Yes, it's true. Does it dishearten you because your prose seem so much more worthwhile -- and isn't that really what the point of a book is? Well, yes of course; but truth in "storytelling," we live in a visual society. Why do you think the TV draws people in or movies are so popular. People buy books based on the cover. As disappointing to the writer as that truth may be, it's just reality. I once heard a rep from Smashwords say that a simple switch of a cover can take a poorly selling book and make it a top seller. True!  So if you're self-publishing or working with a hybrid publisher like my company 3L Publishing (www.3LPublishing.com), you better make that all important investment in a cover and work with a talented graphic artist or illustrator. A misstep with your cover can cost your book sales. Take it very seriously. The two covers I am showing you right now -- one for the forthcoming 3L book Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts and the other for my book series California Girl Chronicles -- have been lauded as incredible works of art. We design some of the most interesting and best covers in the independent book publishing world. Do you want your book to look this great? Then contact us by sending an email to info@3LPublishing.com or calling 916-300-8012.

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