Tuesday, July 17, 2012

True Blood, Season 5, Episode 5

How is it I missed the chance to comment on my favorite show's last episode? First, I have a lot on my mind. Second, I just forgot LOL. OK, back to Bon Tempe and the myriad story lines going forward in a season that got off to a fantastic start and veered a little and then for some reason kind of started losing me a bit. Now as a publisher and writer, I try to review the show from the writing and storytelling angles. I have enjoyed the Bill and Eric storyline and the romp with the Authority. I especially appreciated that finally they showed Eric still wants Sookie when he glamoured our resident werewolf Alcide into not having romantic feelings for her. Go Eric! And I must say, the "heat" between Sookie and Alcide ... not there! Sorry! The other favorite storyline is Tara's rising into her vampiric skin. She's going to come round just you wait and see. We've had hints of her settling in, so to speak. Then we have poor Hoyt's personal self-desctruction. What rejected lover can't relate to the desire to just end it all then face a life without the person they adore? Well, you know you go on and get on -- and I would suggest Hoyt get on with it. It will be super interesting to see if he ends up a vampire terrorist next. The other story lines ... Fairy Land and the "sups" assassinations ... we'll see. Till next week and another show, ya-all have a great day!

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