Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feeling Pensive ...

I know, I know, I vow to blog every day ... some days the distractions are just too great! I am not feeling clever or funny ... how can that be? Okay, that made me crack a smile. I have to make myself laugh. If you can't laugh, you got nothing! I woke up today and focused on my projects that look great. We did a mock movie poster for the promotion of California Girl Chronicles. We also did sales projection spreadsheet. I see incremental, slow progress. It's quite thrilling. See ... focus somewhere else. Go take a cruise to nowhere. Drink frothy, fun drinks for an entire week. Eat pizza! Once when I was in Hawaii, I drank like a fish and ate pizza for a week -- came home 10 pounds heavier. I need to gain 10 pounds or better. I think since the financial outlook isn't look quite as (let's find a positive word) "up" as today, I am going to fly up and back up north, sign some legal documents, and come home. And then I am going to be happy ... with myself! Major, major goal: be happy with yourself. I dreamt last night that I found a satchel of money. I managed to allude the person who was a criminal trying to steal it from me. I was pulling myself by vines, literally hand over hand, up a rolling hillside and I saw a praying mantis (spelling) ... I slept deeply last night, too, which was really nice. I'm going to look up the symbol on the bug LOL.

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