Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Art of Writing and Of Course it's 3L (Michelle)

My curly-haired sweetheart just wandered in my office at 6:00 a.m. I was surprised she was up at the crack of dawn. What little kid wants to see the sunrise? Most kids -- and most especially -- teenagers don't crawl out of bed this early. Ah, remember the good ole pre-insomnia days when you could party till midnight and sleep till noon? When I was in college, I timed all my classes around the ability to sleep in and watch Days of Our Lives LOL. Years later, I would end up with a client whose husband was on the show, interview one of the actors for a story, and then meet Deidre Hall who plays Marlena. The strange world I live in. I always have this weird disconnect from the reality of the entertainment business and watching my favorite shows.

I also have another weird disconnect, which has always been true, from the books and articles I write and the readers being touched. Writing itself is this internal, personal experience. So when it goes out into the world, and I get the readers reactions it feels very disconnected from the actual hands-on experience (for me anyway). I am not at all moved by celebrity or fame. One of my closest relationships in my life right now -- a person I communicate with on a daily basis -- is more immersed in all those relationships. I don't know if he's noticed, but I never ask any details about that sort of personality stuff. I rarely ask who or what he knows when I know he knows a lot of people. It's not that interesting to me ... it never has been. It's always first and foremost the work, process and results -- the art. I love the art of what we do. Nothing is more rewarding then immersing myself in someone's book, helping them transform it into perfection, and then getting the final product. One of those final products, Under the Sycamores, is sitting on my desk right now. The author Michael Perrotta was beyond thrilled. His comments were genuine and sweet. He said he was surprised that we had duplicated the sample of his ideal book to perfection just the way he showed me in a sample. And then he said with charm and Italian enthusiasm, "of course you did, it's Michelle." So sweet and charming a comment from a charming man.

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