Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rain Drop Therapy ... and Pizza

My blog has in a sense become a bit of a "vague" journal ... LOL :). Yesterday something monumental came to an end. I also went to Tre Bella Spa in Auburn and had a Rain-Drop Treatment (essential oils) with Cheryl Mullick. She was so concerned about my thin frame, she practically dumped whole bottles of oils LOL. And a very funny story: the oils are a combination that includes oregano. A very cute waiter at Elephant Bar looks at me and says, "It smells like pizza. I'm hungry." I started laughing and said, "It's me." Yes, I always smell like pizza afterward. My daughter calls me "pizza mommy." Did you know that men when asked what "turned them on" smell-wise, they liked the pizza smell. Go figure ... apparently the way to a man's heart is definitely through this his stomach. Here is what you absolutely must know about essential oils. They put my RA in remission. They boost the immune systems ... I have not had a cold or flu in two years! I used to get 5-6 colds per season my entire life, and I have asthma so I would cough up a lung (not really kidding). The productivity lost here was huge. The coughs often hung on for 2-4 weeks, and I would struggle to talk to clients without hacking. I highly recommend Rain-Drop Therapy as a true miracle for good health.

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