Friday, July 20, 2012

Need to Publish Your Book ... Now is the Time!

I don't feel like blogging today. Yep, not in the mood. I'm trying to be in the mood ... can't you tell. Here I am in my office chair. I'm typing away to see what spills out of my brain. Well, let's see ... I have to admit something ... I'm depressed LOL ... yep depressed and I am forcing myself to write and do what I do best. I keep looking at the second book of the California Girl Chronicles: Brea's Big Break, and it goes unreleased. I've been in perpetual limbo with this project. The following for book one is still in build mode, and my resources are in limbo too, so book two goes unreleased ... and there you go. It's better than book one (so I've been told). Sometimes I look at the books and feel utter detachment. Did I write those? Yes, I wrote them in a different space. I've not been in a creative space, so I've focused on other people's books, which is good. We have several new books in the pipeline that I'm editing away at in small chunks as they come in the door. We definitely need new business. I will tell you, it's a great time to work with 3L Publishing. Summer is the slow season. July is especially slow since everyone vacations. You can ignore my sadness, too; I'm not sad when I'm talking about my passion.

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