Monday, July 2, 2012

True Blood, Season 5, Episode 4 - Review

Ah, it's Monday which means Sunday night has come and gone with a healthy dose of True Blood. I usually watch the episode twice in one night to get a really good recap for you. Last night, I was tired and only watched one. So, this might not be as "enthusiastic" as it could be if I paid closer attention. OK, I thought that at least Sookie got some better time, but the whole drunken make-out session with Alcide with her two great loves Bill and Eric watching, and their decided lack of interest in it ... not ringing true. It was less than a week ago in show time that Sookie and Eric declared their undying love. What happened here? Both have forgotten their strong feelings? This whole season love story wise with Sookie and Eric is a total numb void of non-reactions and non-reflection. I can tell you from experience (especially since I have my own love life in action and this is a not-so-subtle message to my guy), love doesn't die like that ... not real, true, connected, amazing love. After Sookie and Eric declared their "love" to have them completely disconnect and just go numb to each other doesn't ring to an ounce of truth. We didn't even see a little flinch on Eric's face! A week ago fans, a week ago ... not possible! Then we have the whole fairy land weirdness ... no comment. The chancellor's scene and the revealing of the traitor was intense and interesting, that part got much better marks. Jessica glamouring Andy, yaye, fantastic and a nice beat for her character. Tara's attempt suicide, and Pam finally taking charge of her progeny -- fantastic! Thank you! All right, so there you eager fans. My weekly recap.

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