Friday, July 13, 2012

Books -- Show Me the Money

Many authors come to 3L Publishing with their great dreams to write a NY Times best seller. The truth about publishing is that you're selling books with a small profit margin. So you have to sell a lot of books to make a huge profit. I try to encourage authors to keep their budgets conservative. The chances of writing and selling a NY Times best seller are minimal and could be compared to winning Lotto. When you compare the thousands of newly released titles to the number that actually make the list, well, you can imagine why I came up with the comparison to winning Lotto. With the odds not on the side of being the next Harry Potter, I try to get authors to look at their motives for publishing their books. The best motive is either to get your work out there and read or to use your book for business promotion and development. Authors who got into the book business with an understanding that anything outside of getting their books published or the personal satisfaction or the opportunities to grow business will feel far more satisfied with their results. If you are interested in publishing with 3L, please send an email to

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