Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Morning Spirituality

Do you all know what is energy work? Now for spiritual purists who don't believe in that sort of thing ... well, move on LOL. We're going to discuss energy work on a Sunday morning. I went to bed early last night and now I'm up early getting caught up before I go out this afternoon. Yes, I actually do get out and have a life. I'm going to meet a friend, sit out overlooking the ocean, and talk about absolutely nothing important other than, "Look the sunset looks marvelous!" or "Cheers! Here's to a great day!" The only goal is to laugh. You should make life's goal about laughing. Laugh at the world; laugh at each other; and don't forget to laugh at yourself ... humanity is funny after all. We're all so wonderfully flawed in our individual richness.

So energy work. I have a lot of energy work I'm doing. Something snapped in me yesterday big time. I immediately set to work on the energy work to make some energetic shifts. I began to do physical acts that would cut those energies. The physical acts of cutting or adding energies rewires our brains (for one) to think differently. You can do rituals, too. I prefer to do the physical work. Let me share some samples. If you're going to cut an energy with someone who doesn't serve you, imagine unplugging. Or take an actual plug and cut it. You can do the opposite when you want to plug-in into someone, too. It works both ways. You can send healing energies to people. The energy work I did was what I call cut the ties.  If you have electronic communication, you can add but also subtract. Begin the deletion process for those people who you either want in or out. You can do it on all levels of communication. Ever heard the phrase, "I've deleted you out of my Palm Pilot..." I'm not saying any energy work will give you instant gratification, but it will shift slowly in the direction you seek. And then once you've done it ... move on! I am moving on and onward!! And how is your Sunday morning?

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