Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coffee-Infusion and Ready to Publish

I drink one cup of coffee a day, period and that's it. My Italian author and friend Michael Perrotta, who just released Under the Sycamores (fantastic book and highly recommended) encourages me not to drink coffee at all. He says and I quote, "It's bad for you," in this thick and wonderful Italian accent. Yes, Michael it probably is ... but if I only have one vice and that's coffee then oh well. I am up in Northern California combining play time with work and networking. I decided to return to where 3L Publishing has the strongest base to focus on business development. You know I personally moved about six months ago, but 3L is headquartered here in Sacramento. Our storage facilities are here, and my wizard of an operations manager runs everything from here. I really don't see myself in the long term in LA (too many people), but I am not sure when I'll return up here on a permanent basis. I am going to be flying back and forth more often in the coming months. I'm going to talk to the producer on California Girl Chronicles about realistic timelines on the development of the script, etc. The longer I am down south, though, the more I develop a social life, it will make it trickier to move again. And whatever I do, the next move is the last one. The ideal scene is to have two residences -- one in So Cal and one up north. Sounds like I've got A LOT of business development to focus on. And with that business development the focal point goes on networking and relationship building. I will be doing that tomorrow when I return as the host our local Writers Who Mean Business group. I will be assuming the reins of the group July 26 at 7:00 pm. If you're a regional writer, please join us. Details are available by going to and searching for Writers Who Mean Business. Hope to see you there.

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