Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Know Your Newsletter makes an Impact When ...

I put out a weekly newsletter also aptly titled First Word. It is a regular Sunday morning read for my 400+ list, which consists only of people I have met and a few new subscribers from my 3L Publishing website. I have to say, though, I know my list pretty well. Anyway, I digress ... each week the newsletter is delivered to those 400 mailboxes with various serious, irreverent and humorous observations about publishing, PR and marketing. The newsletter has become such a Sunday staple that should it go missing, it would cause a four-alarm fire of concern among some Friend-Os, as I call my loyal readers. (The term Friend-O came about when I referenced Cheerios once a long time, and somehow I liked the term Friend-O, because it sounded so cheerful.) The other amusing part is that now some readers will specifically ask me to make certain points to spread the message about something. You know your newsletter has hit home when people specifically make requests. Now many people squirm and cry "too much work" when I suggest they create a newsletter like First Word to promote their products and services. The very idea of a weekly commitment sends them running screaming a loud, "No," from the room; but let me tell you something my Friend-Os, nothing beats a product that people not only follow with ardent enthusiasm and loyalty, but also start making requests for information to be added, because they know it makes an impact. I can't tell you exactly how much business I get from having First Word and how it reinforces my brand, but I can say it's worth the investment. If you're still running screaming from the room, well, you won't get to enjoy the results -- the powerful ones.

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