Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why the Internet is Like Nuclear Waste

When I speak in public, I always caution people about what they post on You Tube, Facebook or Twitter and other social media. I remind my audience that the Internet is like nuclear waste; it never goes away. So last night I went out with my dear friend Cheryl Mullick, owner of Exquisite Esthetics by Cheryl, for some girl chat and drinks. We were talking about just frothy fun and my upcoming book California Girl Chronicles and just giggling about the book's sexy fun. Well, I mentioned that I have a particular actor in mind for one of the male leads when I develop the TV series, and then I mentioned how I had stumbled on this super weird video of my favorite actor on You Tube doing some strange stuff -- one was this bizarre shower scene where my favorite actor did nothing but suds up for the camera with two guys? I think it was supposed to be sexy, and he did it early in his career, but what an odd thing to post. While Cheryl and I were cracking up about the strange video, I went to show her and then we stumbled on yet another really weird one where our favorite star was romping around with another guy (again ... and he's supposed to be straight from what I've seen elsewhere), and they're doing strange stuff and filming it. Now our favorite stud is a major star. It occurred to me that perhaps these strange, little films might be a tad bit embarrassing. He was much younger at the time, and he definitely has a more mature gravitas today, but dear readers, he just made my point ... the Internet is like nuclear waste. I'm quite certain those films will never earn an Academy Award, but they definitely give the rest of us something to wonder and ask, "Why?" They weren't porn or anything; they were just kind of weird and disconcerting. The real message is clear. Don't post your home videos on the Internet even if you're just having fun. You do not know what will happen 10 years from when your posted 20-year-old party pictures and your prospective boss stumbles on them -- and the job you wanted suddenly goes bye-bye. Control your image, use good judgment, and remember whatever you post (pictures or video) has a long shelf life. Funny antics today could turn into embarrassing and stupid activities tomorrow that could lose jobs or clients and destroy images and reputations.

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