Wednesday, August 24, 2011

California Girl Chronicles Goes into Production

California Girl is now in production!
Hello Friend-Os! I wanted to share the latest cover mock-up that is pretty much finished for my new novel California Girl Chronicles. I have amazingly began Book II, which "chronicles" Brea's adventures as a screenwriter, Hollywood politics, and of course, her many men. My focus group readers have sent me notes about the cliffhanger, complaining that now they have to read Book II, and come on! That's the point isn't it? I have received few notes about revisions, and so the final proof went to design this week. I am excited to get the Advance Review Copies (ARCs) out to reviewers in wait, which includes Newsweek, NY Times, Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Book Review and others.

Plans are set in motion to do a major launch party here in Sacramento followed by a second one in Los Angeles where the book is set. I also plan to send my favorite actor du jour Alexander Skarsgård a copy of the book with the role of Kale, the producer that all of my readers have literally told me they fell in love with, earmarked. I wrote the role with him in mind. Note to writers, if you write a screenplay or book to base the script on, then do write your characters with specific actors in mind. It will actually help attract that actor or actress, because they will fit the part. I figured if Skarsgård wants to do a completely entertaining movie that is loaded with steamy scenes, this one is for him. (And he may want to after what I've seen that appears pretty serious ... think Straw Dogs coming out Sept. 16). He certainly doesn't seem adverse to nudity that is for sure. I saw an interview with Regis and Kelly where he was asked about his level of comfort with nudity, and he quipped he was from Sweden. I'm assuming Swedes are not adverse to nudity in public. Well, you know Americans. We've got the Puritanism in us. I'm sure all of my female readers are nodding and grinning.

We will begin writing the script version in the coming month. The script will not mirror the book, as we're talking two different writing approaches. The script will be much more action and visually oriented. Since I love thinking big, I want a full feature film approach versus a TV series. Already reaction to my ongoing Facebook posts about the book's release have been very strong. This genre is the top-selling eBook market too, which is a big win. I also read yesterday that for every 100 print books sold on Amazon today 212 eBooks are sold. Big, big difference. We've seen this situation happen when reviews of other 3L Publishing books come out. The eBooks sales are higher than the print version. I am planning to write about this flip in a forthcoming blog. I was just super excited to show off the new California Girl cover and let you know how it's progressing.

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