Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two Bad Sales Techniques

Before I launch in this morning's rant about bad sales techniques, I have to give you a warning. I hate aggressive sales ... period. So as you read this, realize I would not feel all aglow about any of these techniques even if I was an infomercial host looking for a new job. If you are in sales, I strongly recommend you avoid the following:

Recorded voice messages sent to my smart phone -- let me be clear, anything impersonal and recorded sent over the phone is ineffective. The only time this works is when my kids' school sends out a notice about an open house and I don't want to talk to the school secretary anyway. Do not send marketing or sales messages either a) recorded or b) to my expensive smart phone where each minute you waste costs me money. My smart phone will think you're a dumb drone! And I don't mean the mobile kind.

Infomercial Irene Strikes Again -- another super annoying way to sell is what I call the 21st century snake oils salesman aka infomercial sales. Infomercial sales typically get under my skin when they're done as a part of a speaking gig. I know for a fact that most groups discourage these techniques, but every now and again, someone sneaks it in. And a big BOO goes out to this gal named Callan, who said she would not be using our business cards to solicit us later, and voile! What was in my in-box this morning? A solicitation -- much like the other dozen that I have not yet unsubscribed to, but will soon.

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