Sunday, August 28, 2011

3L Publishing's Fall Roundup

Lots of fun plans for fall 2011 her at 3L Publishing. I thought I would share some of the upcoming books and projects to whip up some interest and excitement.

First Word Radio -- do you tune in each week and listen to Sonja Fisher and I verbally jest? We air two shows a week, and each one can be found in our archives. Listen to this week's show by going to the 3L website, scroll down, and click on the blue dashboard's arrow. The current show will air. We have a tremendous line up of guests scheduled to appear this fall. You will be surprised by many famous names that will be popping up. We've already had a True Blood actress, a producer and a director. We try to focus on entertainment, publishing and promotion. Our guests, however, talk about any number of topics. Here is the thing ... you will often hear about underground gossip and fun you will not find anywhere else. The True Blood hottie's admission about a certain yummy star on the show left our chins on the ground. You should check us out.

Miss Fannie Mae's Girls -- the long-awaited book about the Turner family is really about death and rebirth of a family. It's a touching, funny story as the Turner clan gathers for a funeral and a wedding. This book comes out in late fall. It's one of my favorites in the 3L catalog, and it will make a great gift for friends and family.

Coming Fall 2011.
California Girl Chronicles -- this is my first novel and already interest is very high to read it. The book is a sexy story of Brea Harper, our romantically challenged heroine who allows her love interests to wreak havoc on her life in general. Loaded with funny moments and plenty of sexy encounters, it promises to entertain and keep you coming back for more. Why? Because as the title suggests, it's a series, and the cliffhanger is killer. My focus group readers gave the book absolutely perfect marks. Now if you're conservative and offended by sex scenes, it's not for you. But if you like a good romp, then California Girl Chronicles is your must-read for fall. We will be doing an October launch party at the brand new Bar West in downtown Sacramento. Stay tuned.

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