Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Generation Text

We now live in an e-mail and text-crazed society. You can't walk into a room these days without noticing at least one person bent over his/her Smart Phone with his/her fingers going crazy. What totally blows my mind is that most of that texting is completely unimportant dithering. I once worked with someone who couldn't stop texting. At first, I thought it was work. Then over time, I realized it was meaningless and probably not terribly scintillating texts going back and forth with men, friends or family. If you started to add up all of the time wasted texting back and forth, I bet it would be four or five hours easily of nonsense texting. Whatever happened to real conversations? Email can be just as time-consuming. But what I find particularly amusing are the people who are in the same room together and text back and forth. You're at a party and you're texting back and forth with your friend across the room? Here is an idea! Walk over and talk. What's up with that? Now there are moments when a quick text is pretty handy. Messages like: "I'm running late!" that's a useful one. "Be there in 10 minutes." Another goody. Stupid messages: "I like u." Now let me also point out the blatant butchering of the language. A whole vernacular has emerged of vowels used as expressions. "U like me?" "I see u late." I've even received chats where typing a full sentence has been expunged from the activity entirely. So now we've lost our vocal abilities and we can't spell or type. I don't expect any improvement in this area anytime soon. We used to be the generation wasting time watching too much TV. Now we're the generation wasting too much time texting!

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