Friday, August 12, 2011

Inspiration for the Day

I am easily inspired. Today I woke up at my usual late morning wake-up -- a gift I give myself as a reward for not punching someone else's clock. I was talking to someone last night who is also an entrepreneur, and she mentioned she hardly thinks about the days when she was a corporate worker. She put it out of her mind, which is a good thing. As for me, I keep it front and center in the back of my mind. Why? Because it's no place I ever want to be. I have always been aware of the blessings of my freedom and choices. I know that these choices and the freedom I have to live life my way require dedication and hard work. It requires keeping my eyes forward and pushing my business toward new levels of success -- that I don't become complacent. When I did entered into business relationships, in the past, that might somehow get in the way of my designed life, I always protected myself. I would never allow anyone to get in the way of my goals and dreams. This fact is one thing that got shuffled away in the middle of conflict. Whatever someone else wants to with what Erika Lyremark calls their "Red Carpet Dreams" isn't of interest to me unless I can be supportive. Only my Red Carpet Dream interests me. The life I live today is part of that dream. 3L Publishing is a part of that dream. My desire to be on this trajectory moving forward toward wherever I land -- all part of that dream. And anyone who would consider it even possible to distract or move me off my laser-beam goals is just wasting idle time. I will not budge. I know where I'm going and on a daily basis, I am divinely inspired. I am blessed in every way, and I never forget it. So I send my gratitude and appreciation to everyone who helps move me forward.

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