Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why 3L Publishing Succeeds!

I launched my business in 2006, and along the way, I learned important, valuable lessons. You will be surprised that some of the most important things to do to be successful often have nothing to do with what you think they should. The most important outlook to whether you fail or succeed has to do with your attitude. Your outlook on your business and what you set out to accomplish will contribute to the net results. Many of you are probably thinking more along the lines of cash flow and dollars and shaking your head. I'm not suggesting cash flow and dollars don't count; however, not all success is defined by how many Franklins you have in your bank account. For the moment, this discussion defines success as your ability to get to your goal -- whatever that may be. So here are, in my mind, the two critical factors that affect the outcome; your ability to get to the goal.

Persistence! I know you've heard that one before. Persistence is your ability to stay in the game and keep persisting until you achieve your goal. How many people have you seen achieve what appears to be overnight success? For those of us introduced to this person often overnight, we don't know the story of what went into the so-called instant success. Whether the journey was longer or shorter than others, I would wager that overnight had nothing to do with it. The person persisted, stayed in the game, and worked it until they achieved their goal. The commonality among those who fail is that they probably gave up. So, just know that in business and in life, persistence however long it takes pays off.

Set Your Intentions. Another ethereal one. What does it mean to set your intentions? It means you aren't afraid to say what you want and then go for it. Big or small -- if you set your intentions you are telling the world or the universe or God what you want. For example, in my previous California Girl Chronicle blog, I set my intentions to attract a certain actor to my book. You would be surprised by the power of setting your intentions. It's not unusual when you say you want something that the Universe or God will provide. Of course, the old adage, be careful what you wish for applies too. But set your intentions and then persist and go for it. A vision board also helps with this one too. Again, the skeptics out there are thinking, "What does this have to do with business?" Well, try it in your business model and you will see.

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