Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Childish Philosophy

After listening to my seven-year-old daughter explain life to me, I've decided that we should all live life by the simple philosophy we'll call the "Whatever" theory. Here is how that goes ...

Do you want to go with me to Target? Whatever
Do you want breakfast? Whatever
Do you want to go to school? Whatever
Do you want to swim? Whatever

It hit me the other day that if we all lived by the "Whatever" theory stress and high blood pressure would be nonexistent. Yes, I think I've found the cure for all ills. The "Whatever" theory suggests we don't really care about anything in particular BUT it shows a positive to willingly to go along with the game. So, if we all lived by "Whatever" we wouldn't care and we would go along -- hey! There is something to that I think.

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