Friday, August 12, 2011

How You Know You're Out of It

Ever had one of those moments when you thought, "Man I am just out of it." I had one of those moments last night when I was at a presentation for Sacramento eWomen Network. It was on the emerging Quick Reference Codes (QRC ... for you acronym consumers out there). These ugly codes are like instant readers that you put an app on your smart phone and it automatically reads these codes like a business card or directs the user right to your website or special promotion. Now some early adopters out there are nodding and thinking, "Yeah, I use those all of the time." The fact that I, the person once immersed in technology and ate it for breakfast every day, had never seen or read about these was a bit alarming. When over half the room comprised mostly of middle-aged chicks knew about them, super alarming. I suddenly realized in a flash I am truly out of it. I wonder if that's what senior citizens finally realize when they don't know how to turn on the ignition in new cars? Or they don't have a clue what is an iPhone. Or they've never seen Angry Birds. You know there comes a time in everyone's lives when this harsh reality hits them over the head. You're no longer hip, trendy or in-the-know. I don't know whether to be disturbed or just rejoice in my complete and total disconnection from the techno world. Have I suddenly become luddite part II? Good question. We'll see ...

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