Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Best Mistakes in Life are Repeatable

In business, we make mistakes. If you claim you don't make mistakes I will give you a nod, grin and say, "Really?" Mistakes made in business are akin to the old cliché, "Nobody's perfect." You might come into your business with a level of assurance and expertise, but as you get your arms around your business, you will may stumble and maybe even fall. I've made my share of missteps in business. The real success in each mistake is to learn from it, because as the other old cliché goes, "What you don't learn you will repeat." So when you stumble and error your number one priority should be to figure out what you did wrong, and then (hopefully) don't repeat it. So, the only real failure will be your failure to learn from it. And if you don't learn from it, you can count on this much like death and taxes, you will fail again ... and again ... and again. Do make sure each time you hit a misstep, analyze it. What did you do right? What did you clearly do wrong? Make sure you identify the answer(s), and then right it, which really means, don't do it again.

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