Monday, April 7, 2014

Your Mindset Means Everything to Your Business

I have learned over the years it's mission critical to "mind" your mindset. Every time I allow fear and anxiety to run my business, it shows up and manifests itself in negative results. Whenever I do small things like meditate and "mind" my mindset to positivity and success, positive results happen. Some people are skeptical about this belief system. They falsely believe that mindset doesn't matter. Business will be what business will be dependent upon the marketplace, supply and demand, and competition. I'm here to tell you the biggest factor that determines success isn't about the market at all. It all has to do with YOU as the business owner.

Here's how:

Like attracts like. Who is attracted to work with you is based on the Law of Attraction. Positive people attract positive people. Positive people attract more positive, successful people to your business. Positive people spend money without fear, and the net result; it's easier to work with positive people, too.

Positive beliefs about success attract more success. If you run your business not based on fear or negative beliefs (e.g., fear and worry about money) people will sense your feelings (positive, can-do feelings) and will spend their money with your company. Have you ever heard the expression, "I can smell fear?" Customers can "smell" your fear. So, watch what feelings and beliefs about money and success you project.

Trust the process. It's hard to do this, but trust the process. Trust that the Universe will provide for you. Trust that when the time comes the money will show up. I noticed over time the money always seemed to show up. And then I took it to the next step and quit thinking about it altogether. And once I quit thinking about it and I trusted the money would show up ... voile! The money ALWAYS shows up. So, trust, trust, trust, but more importantly quit worrying or thinking about it. Just keep doing your thing.

Stable, positive decision-making ... recently I made a HUGE choice. I decided to make a lifestyle change based on positive things I wanted in my life: stability, shared goals and values, family and love. I had been leading my personal life anchored to what was really an unrealistic dream. The person I was investing my hopes and dreams in simply didn't have shared values nor do he offer any sense of commitment or stability. Sometimes you have to realize that if you want the positive things to happen in your life you have to shift perspective away and "get real." What was real was a person who did offer those important and positive attributes to my life. I changed my perspective, and miraculously the Universe affirmed that decision in a tidal wave of overall success (AKA affirmation). As I shifted to a positive outlook and felt good again, the money and success just rolled in the door in a way that seemed "miraculous" but really was a result of these mindset changes.

If your life isn't going the way you had hoped and dreamed. If your life isn't working at its highest level, shift your mindset. Remember a positive outlook on life in general produces positive results in all facets of your life.

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