Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Banking Institutions S-U-C-K!!!

Today or more like this morning I want to scream. Last week I was on my own without my trusted operations manager, who has left the company. The entire week was consumed by operations versus editorial and publishing matters, which is really my job as CEO and editor-in-chief.

Now some banking issues are dogging my ability to get my own money. In a whopper-size "why-is-it-this-way" banking BS moment, I used our merchant services for one of our accounts only to discover that they were holding a large sum of money (PS, this is Phone Swipe). WTF (and yes, that deserves the "F" bomb) I called them to find out that they were holding large sums of my (MY being the operative word) money because they wanted to verify my credit because (get this) the transaction might be refunded. How? In total confusion and wonder over the concept that they can hold MY money and not pay until verifying my credit (what?) I realized I would either A. have to supply three months worth of banking statements and why they couldn't check my credit rating I don't know or B. not receive MY money!

Infuriated over this institution's ability to keep my money (and I'm sure accrue interest on it), I decided to refund the money back to my client's accounts and use my other service through Intuit. Now in a delayed holding pattern while money returns, I want to SCREAM at these institutions. It's not the first time I have been absolutely flummoxed over a bank's ability to F with MY money and cleanly get away with it. We had a check scan incorrectly a few weeks back and it literally took three weeks to clear up their screwed-up scan. Even though the banker could clearly see the correct amount written on the scanned check, he couldn't do a thing about it to correct the money. It was so ridiculous. In banking it seems that the human touch is irrelevant -- the computer has the last say (and this institution was Wells Fargo).

Here is what drives me up a wall and back. These big banks don't care if I can't pay my bills while they dork with MY money. They don't care if it affects my ability to survive. Can't pay your bills because we screwed up? So sorry so sad and too bad for you. OH! But if I were to make a late payment to THEIR credit card, no problem ... ka-ching! Let me charge you a whopping late fee AND charge interest. How's that?! And do mind me while I mess up your credit rating, too. This system is so lopsided in favor of these big corporations ability to screw over small businesses and individuals it's insane and just wrong.

And THAT is my rant for the day!

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