Friday, April 18, 2014

Business Enlightenment 101

I mentioned this on Facebook. I start each day in meditation. I recite mantras. Two days in a row I was meditating and fell back to sleep. All this means to me is that I am successfully clearing my mind. I've recently been in a bit of a down cycle. You know when things start to just not excite you anymore? My personal relationships have shifted. People have come and gone. I've lost two very close people to me (for different reasons) who had to transition their lives elsewhere. One of the people I pushed the shift out of personal necessity to move on. I thought at the time I would just deal with the losses in one full swoop. Both individuals were very close to me so you can imagine the gaping holes I am feeling.

Anyway here I am facing loss and business things started going haywire. Banking problems, client payment problems ... and I started thinking, "Is this outer chaos a reflection of the inner chaos I am feeling?" I had been meditating anyway so I ratcheted up my meditations. I also shifted my mindset to positivity. I woke up today and thought today is going to be a great day. I also had two prospective projects come up that I bid on. And I found out one of the checks I need came in the door.

Shifting your mindset can literally turn the whole thing around. The key is to believe it is so and it will be so. I thought today everything would resolve, and it's all resolving. It can be difficult to keep it positive when things go awry. But if there is one thing I've embraced: I can only control what I can control. It's hard to let the rest be, but I am the gatekeeper only on my own outlook and how I react or don't react. I am the manager of my choices. I believe in personal responsibility. It's hard to keep it bright and sunny when things are mired down in what seems dark and difficult. But each day gives us opportunities to do it differently. So today I have another chance to do it differently -- and so do you!

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