Thursday, April 24, 2014

Legal Ease

I have recently encountered some legal discussions, and I realized some people may not understand some realities of today's digital world. For unaware businesspeople who may not know I thought I would share the following information.

Texts--did you know that if a legal dispute comes up your text conversation can be used in court? Yes, the cell phone companies keep records and entire transcripts of text conversation can be pulled up and used in court. Agreements made in text are like a digital handshake and can be used to bolster your case.

Email--emails are the equivalent of that same digital handshake. An email can be used to show an agreement was made. Also, employees should be aware that email sent from their employer's machinery is subject to be monitored. Yes, employers can read their employees' emails. It's company property, and employees who use for personal reason should be aware of the legalities.

The best case is to always get a signed contract, but the text and email agreements will stand up in court, too. 

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