Thursday, April 17, 2014

Notes from the Executive Suite...

These days the idea of achieving the corporate dream of getting the corner office with the view has been replaced with contentment in my home office working in my blue robe vs. blue suit. A recent bicker with an associate of mine made me think about this ... the idea of how we work these days. A suggestion of "professionalism" came up, and my so-called home office.

I started thinking about how once not that long ago I had the executive suite and the HUGE office with the conference room table in the middle of it. All the employees on that floor reported to me. I had definitely achieved the executive dream. In the middle of my "deluded" concept of success, I worked long hours and came home late. I didn't get to spend enough time with my kids. I was exhausted. I always loved working from home, too, in my downsized and comfy office that was really an atrium-turned office with glass windows on all sides and a gorgeous view of our backyard. Well, in 2006 I took the idea of the "executive" dream and dumped it out that corner window.

These days many executives I know have made their office sometimes their sofa. My dear friend Sonja Fisher who is famous for turning her entire sofa into a comfy space from which to work doesn't "do" the commute thing either. She is a well-paid corporate minion who enjoys the luxury of working from home from her own version of the executive suite. Now my "upgraded" lifestyle these days involves being the owner of the company ( and working quite nicely from my version of the executive suite that yes includes a comfy bed for when I want to lay down and maybe even get some contemplative time AKA a nap.

So here is my official response to any criticism of my "corporate digs" ... take that other lifestyle and dump it out YOUR corner office! :) And while you're stuck in traffic polluting the air I will be quietly making dinner and enjoying my life. Oh, and my greatly reduced overhead.

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