Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Let go of the things you can't control," says my lover and guru!

Yesterday was a WHOPPER! My valuable operations manager changed jobs. My new operations manager really hasn't assumed her post yet. The last two weeks I've been juggling essentially two jobs. Yesterday I had to print up the Amazon orders and what happens? The printer breaks! Ugh! So now I have to go pick up books and stop at Kinko's to print up orders. I get to Kinko's and pull up the orders (this after picking up books) and darn it! They added a NEW order just that day. And I can't find the first order in the system. Now I don't have the right books to fill orders. Ugh! Thoroughly frazzled I do what I can and fill the second order since I can't find the first order.

Oh, and my 2013 taxes have not come back in and no word from the accountant. To owe or not to owe is the question.

I meet with my life coach who says I seem very "fragile" and I only laugh. Fragile because of so many personal and professional changes (some good some not so much). I feel like a tornado called "cha-cha-changes" whirled through my life.

So, this morning my beloved fiancé goes to leave for work, and he whispers in my ear, "Let go of the things you can't control." And he kisses me on the cheek and leaves me with, "I love you."

So my friends, I think we should all follow my sweetheart's advice! :)

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