Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life as a Giant Coffee Stain

Sometimes no matter what you do barriers just stand in the way of productivity. I started my day off with 30 minutes of meditation (I try to meditate daily). I get up. I had nonstop barriers yesterday too. Our new operations manager is gone, and I realized our Amazon orders weren't being addressed. So I have to go out to our storage unit to get books, but then realized I don't have the key. Our inventory is at my operations manager's house so I contact her and now I have to go retrieve books. Then I try to print up the invoice sheets and the printer fails. Now I'm frustrated naturally and the cat won't stay off my desk. I throw him out and go to retrieve something and come back, and he's gotten back and spilled Diet Coke on my desk and narrowly misses my new keyboard that I bought last week because he spilled water on the previous one. I throw him out again (after a few choice words). Later I go to retrieve something else and make the mistake of not closing the door. I come back, and now the cat has spilled coffee across my calendar (narrowly missing precious keyboard again) but ruining my favorite calendar. I still can't get the printer to work despite my fiancé's loving attempt to help me solve the problem over the phone. Then I realize I will probably need to go to Kinko's to print up the necessary items to which I'm displeased but got to do what you can to do. So hello all! How's your morning going? LMAO ;) ... and that's all you can do sometimes.

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