Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things We Can't Live Without

Do you realize that teenagers today don't even know what is a rotary phone? How about a manual camera? A life without text, voice mail or email or Skype ... what's that? My son wouldn't know what is an measurement of focus on a camera let alone know how to set it to take a picture. Film, what? You mean you don't have to simply download your pictures? What about a record? A vinyl record or a record player or even a tape deck? The technological leap that enables all the wonderful digital pleasures we enjoy today have also created an even greater instant gratification mentality. Who wants to wait to see a photo developed anyway?

And our communication has so greatly changed. Who would have imagined lovers could fight in text? A typing war of words and feelings. Text arguments are kind of strange, too, because it's a cold media. The good, you can organize your thoughts. The bad, no verbal cues or voice inflection. Actually, since I have partaken in text feuds a few times I've come to realize it's a control thing, too. You can think about and at least control your end of the argument. But I ask you who would have imagined just 16 years ago, text would become a romantic tool to not only court but also argue.

What's my point? I have none! LOL ... I just thought about this and remembered I needed to blog; but alas there is a meaning to the message ... somewhere ;).

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