Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Movie Review: Bad Grandpa

Rating: **1/2

Bad Grandpa is one of those juvenile delinquent comedies you can't help but laugh, but mostly about the expressions and reactions of those around the offending characters. Please note, I am no Polyana and I knew going into the theater exactly what the movie would most likely involve -- a lot of base potty humor. I was naturally right, but my teenage son wanted to see it, so I obliged.

Do you know the type of movies where you laugh, and in the back of your mind you're thinking, "I shouldn't be laughing." Yes, Bad Grandpa qualified for this category of movie. I have to admit, though, I like a belly-ache laugh every now and again, and whether my higher sensibility was chastising me or not, I still laughed. For the record, though, I never enjoy watching children turned into little foul-mouthed versions of adults, and Billy, the little boy, became the subject of some jokes I didn't enjoy. The big one was the beer-drinking scene where he chokes and vomits. The funnier scenes involved what else? Potty humor. But the movie makers (I won't call these guys filmmakers) hid cameras and then the bad behavior ensued. The looks on the average people's faces made the whole movie. Of course, inappropriate behavior generally evokes reactions from the well-mannered society, and yes, these jokes played out well on the bystander's faces where expression ranged from shock to awe, to WTH?

Here is the deal, if you want to laugh and feel guilty that you did, go see Bad Grandpa. It's a guilty pleasure minus the pleasure.

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  1. There's plenty of pranks to be seen here, but the fact that they're done in a very natural, very fun way, makes it a lot better than say something like Bruno, where the political agenda behind it all is front and center almost the whole time. Nice review.