Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Morning Musings: The Funniest Things

It's Friday, and I always try to find something part information part entertainment to lighten up the mood. Today I have a super funny submission story. When authors submit manuscripts they do so as Word or PDF attachments along with a summary of the book. We don't have super lofty requirements. Today's humor involves an author submission done in a very unconventional way -- he took a photo of it. Mind you not a straight-on shot. The page was angled and in shadows. A straight-on shot I might have been able to actually read; but a shot where the page was going off the "photo" (so to speak) and in shadows ... hmmm. Not to mention in my decrepit old age, I need reading glasses and couldn't read it anyway. I honestly started laughing. I think there must have been some worry about stealing the idea. Well, don't fret there fella. I couldn't read it to steal it ... or accept the submission LOL. And that is your amusing tale for a Friday morning.

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