Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Publisher's Pick: Death Grip

Death Grip
Marissa Hartman
Rating: ****

I like to feature books on the blog from my company 3L Publishing (www.3LPublishing.com). All of the books are outstanding, but every so often one comes off press that I think is fun and will do well in the marketplace. Paranormal romance is a popular genre right now among romance readers, and Marissa Hartman has tossed her talents in the ring to join the ranks of terrific paranormal romance writers. Her debut title is Death Grip.

I personally coached Marissa along with the assistance of novelist and screenwriter Scott D. Roberts to help her shape this book into a first-rate romance that will lure readers into the intrigue. Our heroine Lucy becomes embroiled in a complicated love triangle where she must decide several key personal issues and resolve one important relationship to move on. In its other worldly nature, the book explores interpersonal relationships and begs questions about metaphysical experiences and love that transcends this planet. It explores astral travel and out-of-body experience, and disbelievers may question this experience, but personally I have had my own astral travels so I buy the premise just fine.

It is on sale for $14.95 on the 3L Publishing website, which the author makes higher royalties and we encourage those purchases. It is also available on Amazon, click here.

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