Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Boardwalk Empire Season 3: The Body Count

I was walking with my boyfriend Kirk to dinner the other day and said, "Oh, Boardwalk Empire is on tonight?"

Kirk replied, "Do you think anyone will die in tonight's episode?"

"Oh yeah, we can consistently count on a body count -- it's Boardwalk Empire!"

We both laughed. Yes, and our beloved Eddie threw himself out a window for betraying Nucky. Then Frank, brother of Al Capone, came to his untimely demise, too. Can't recall if the body count exceeded two ... well, for that episode anyway. Gangster shows seem to rely on violence and death as the main story thrust. Sopranos was also a reliable show to provide plenty of death and mayhem.

Why do we like these shows? Beneath the never-ending action and body count, you also get strong messages about family, loyalty and even love. Boardwalk Empire is reliable, taunt drama that sucks in viewers with its action-packed stories that move and move and kill and kill. Am I a fan of violence? No, but I do like action. And at the very least you can count on nail-biting scenes where you're hoping your favorite bad guy doesn't get put six-feet under.

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