Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Tips for Your Personal Brand and Image and Whatever

In my random thought process, I wanted to share some of the things in personal branding that I find sometimes entertaining. So, here for fun on a Friday:

Business Portraits--ever notice the Bonnie Plumbing picture of the husband and wife team? Ever notice that picture has been the same for the last, what? Twenty years? Did you see their recent commercials where the wife is pretending to be the same age with the same dated hairdo? Kind'a scary and weird if you ask me. Do you think that helps their brand or makes her look ridiculous? I vote for the latter. Ever hire their services? Um nope!

Business Portraits, Take II--ever seen a real estate agent's business card with his/her picture? Ever meet said agent to notice they don't quite look the same anymore? He/she is using a picture taken 10 or 15 years ago. Does he/she look ridiculous? Yes. Advice from the peanut gallery: keep your business portraits current to avoid the silly reality you're not 30-years-old anymore -- and that's OK.

Sexed-Up Social Media Portraits for Business--ever seen a bikini shot of a company CEO? How about a bare-chested shot of the company president? Does it frighten you? It should. If a company CEO is wearing a bikini for a non-swimsuit company, it's just wrong with a capital W. Even personal pages might question the bikini-bod shot. Fun and flirty doesn't bother me if that's your persona, which I take on myself, but I have a specific reason. I am not a corporate suit. Don't expect to ever meet me in a suit either ... not going to happen. BUT don't worry, I won't be pulling out my string bikini anytime soon. Besides, you know at age 47 there are some things I can keep under wraps and private ;).

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