Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Excerpt from "Body in the Trunk"

As a writer, there are always those characters you like to write. In my new novel, Body in the Trunk my two favorite detectives Phil and Leron provide the best moments. To put this conversation in context, Leron continually brags to his partner he has sex with his girlfriend Evonne every single night, which evokes the question of whether or not it's true. Here is a scene that comes after Phil "could" have seduced one of the female protagonists, which he did not, and Leron is disappointed in his lack of performance. 

“Yo man, you played checkers with her?” groaned Leron when he heard his partner’s story from the evening before.
They were standing in the line to board the plane, a three-way stop to New York. The woman Gladys at the precinct who booked travel always chose the cheapest flights to, of course, save money. Phil thought how ridiculous since the time lost cost more money, but you can’t argue with a five-foot tall Asian grandma who ruled the travel budget with an iron gavel. And the verdict was always: three-stops, period because Delta was cheapest and that airline stopped in many hubs. Phil and Leron were each holding black nylon gym bags and inching forward with the procession of passengers.
“Not checkers!” Phil groaned and added, “Chess.”
“Dude, you’re like some retard who plays chess with a hot chick! What the fuck is wrong with you, man? You’re supposed to bang her with that foot-long of yours,” he said and shook his. “Fuck!”
“We’re working together moron,” replied Phil who did consider how lame he sounded to a guy who got laid every night of the week.
“Tell that shit to your mama,” he replied. “Me, I’d be shoving my massive dick inside her hot pussy,” he said and gyrated his hips a bit. “She’d be begging for more. You, though, what a puss-ass!”
An older Hispanic gal in front of them turned and glared at Leron. Phil shoved him on the shoulder and in a whisper said, “Shut the fuck up! Grandma can hear you, man.”
Leron waved it off and then leaned forward, “Lo siento, abuela,” he nicely apologized in Spanish.
The older Hispanic woman smiled and stepped away.
“Look, see, you just apologize and shit. It’s all good,” he said and looked at his watch. “Dude, what time you say we arrive tonight?”
“Midnight,” replied Phil.
“Mother suck! It’s gonna be a long one,” complained Leron.

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