Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Couple Great Tips for Public Relations

I am working on a few media campaigns, and I thought I would share a few tips for either those who want to try and do some promotion for their product or service or for those who hire a PR rep and want to know what to look for in terms of expertise.

The cliche low-hanging fruit tip #1. I always laughed in corporate when fellow executives would refer to the ever-popular sales term "low-hanging fruit." A few of them thought that knowledge of that phrase made them kind'a special ;). All right I won't digress and rant about the useless. When launching a product, or in our case a book, you have what I would rather call the no-brainer opportunities. No-brainers revolve around regional media that is easier to court. But here is the tip, how do you take advantage of ALL regional opportunities? Always look for the regional hook. In launching the latest book 30 Magical and Memorable Family Vacations, we went after Auburn media, which is where the author lives, and Folsom media, which is where I as the co-author live. We were able to get attention from both the Auburn Journal and Folsom Telegraph.

Insider tip: always make sure your media contact is current. Even if you have a fairly recent media list, go to the online site and check out the latest feature editor. In journalism many smaller papers have a high turnover rate. Find the editor who would be the appropriate contact for your subject or category, and then his/her contact information.

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