Monday, October 7, 2013

Things I Find Ridiculous: It Cosmetic Mascara

Much like Andy Rooney, I decided I'm going to start a column called "Things I find ridiculous," and today's silly item is a product called It Cosmetic, a line I found at Ulta. Please notice the two features I find silly aka ridiculous: the phallic-shaped tip and the rubber "grip" -- all silly "enhancements that are useless. First, since when do we need to "grip" our "slippery" mascara tube? I don't know about you ladies, but I don't find myself "holding desperately onto my mascara tube." "Oh no! Oh no ... noooooooo -- it's slipping! Ah damn! It slipped." Secondly, the phallic-shaped tip. My primary question: and this enhances the application process, how? But alas, it's not done there yet girls. This application tip is rubbery! Yes, it bends. May I point out that pushing our phallic-shaped device back into the hard tube with its rubbery feature doesn't work very well. I ended up with black mascara on my fingers, because hey, it bent out of shaped and didn't go in right. My only question to It Cosmetics: why exactly did you waste money on these features? And that my friends is what I find ridiculous!

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