Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Love Letters: Devotion

I thought I would start a little more serious a column I'm titling "Love Letters". (You never know what's going to pop up on my blog.)" Today's topic is about devotion.

Inside the heart of every man
There is a lust you understand
And I'm just the same
When all the love has gone away
And passion stares me in the face
Could I walk away
Here's hopin'
You'll help me to be brave
Devotion save me now
I don't wanna stray from the hallow ground
I'll turn temptation down
I'm asking you to take me to safety this time
Forgive my thoughts when I'm asleep
Forgive these words I'm yet to speak
I feel so ashamed
Right now you seem so far away
So much confusion clouds my mind
And I don't know which path to take
Here's hopin'
You'll help me to resist
Devotion save me now
I don't wanna stray from the hallow ground
I'll turn temptation down
I'm asking you to take me to safety this time
Devotion, devotion
I'm a slave onto the mercy of your love
For so long I've been so wrong
I could never live without you
Devotion, devotion
Take me to safety

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Ever heard songs with the word "devotion" in them? He's devoted to his love. I never knew what it was like to have someone devoted to me. Yes, I was married, but that doesn't mean he was devoted to me. Have you ever had someone devoted to you? Until you've had the kind of devotion I've experienced with my boyfriend Kirk, I'm not sure you would know what it's like or what it is. Conceptually I understood the word as defined: love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause. But love and devotion going hand-in-hand is rare beauty. You can love someone, but are you devoted to them? Are you loyal? Are you faithful? Do you accept that person just the way he or she is? Or are you continually trying to "upgrade" them and turn them into something they are not? To love and be devoted to someone requires acceptance or "as-is" love. You love them as-is. 

When you meet someone who loves you and is devoted to you "warts and all" don't give up on them. The peace that has come to my life from being with someone who just accepts the "warts and the all" is amazing. Not once in the year we've been together has he EVER criticized me. Nope! Not once and no exception. I had no idea you could be in a room with someone who didn't have something negative to say about me. "You're too this ... you're too that ..." Not once! 

So, ladies I urge you ... always hold out for devotion! 


My best friend told me a story, and I loved it so much I wanted to put it here for you to enjoy, too. We were talking about love and devotion. She said to love purely is just to love without demand or expectation but to just love that person just the way are and not for what they can give you. When she told me her "love story" it wasn't even romantic. She said the first time she experienced pure unconditional love was for a little boy in one of her classes. He could give her nothing. Yet she realized for the first time in her life what it was like to just "love" this little boy. I remembered the little boy from years past -- and yes, she loved that little boy! He's probably a grown man by now, and I bet he remembers her, too. 

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