Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Restaurants to Love: Selland's Market

Yours truly enjoys the delicious French
Toast Casserole
with other breakfast goodies.
Selland's Market
Rating: *****

Selland's Market, my favorite location in El Dorado Hills, hits the sweet spot of good, clean food at an economical price. As a business woman I'm going to tell you what this establishment does right from a marketing perspective since this isn't a restaurant review site. What they've done is create a chic family atmosphere with organic and upscale products that fit perfectly in the demographic. At the same time, they offer value with their prices (they have a great $25 dinner special that comes with a bottle of wine). The location itself sits right in front of the manmade pond below, and in the summer and warmer months, you can sit on the patio. They keep costs low by offering counter service and bringing your meal right to your table. Forks and utensils sit on each table, and outside it's a help-yourself table near the entrance. The small, cost-cutting techniques do not take away from the chic offerings, because they are done in a classy way that doesn't make you feel like you're at a fast-food joint.

The food is very clean and organic fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, entrees, and pizza. I have two favorite treats I enjoy from their dessert bar, which features an array of cookies, fun cupcakes, cakes and pies. My favorites are the carmel-salted brownie and now pumpkin pie. I absolutely love their Sunday brunch, and you can customize a la carte items so I like to mix their biscuits and gravy with their delicious and original French toast casserole. My other lunch time favorite is their salad sampler plate in which I enjoy their potato salad (the only potato salad that tastes like my mother's salad), quinoa (pronounced in French), and their summer berry salad (a nice almost dessert-like punch to the lunch). I am almost loathe to promote the kitchen for fear the lines will grow longer.

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