Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Your Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

I've decided that today is going to be "rambling blog day" and let's meander off into the unimportant, meaningless, trivial and super entertaining. I just wrote all of these serious blogs, so it's time to be un-serious ... it's a super un-serious day. I actually got my day off right. My special someone texted me funny jokes to get the morning moving. Of course, I was decidedly serious because I hadn't had my coffee yet. Coffee is the jumpstart for the funny bone. In fact, coffee is the great jumpstart for everything, including my will to get out of bed (I know you're all nodding now). Well, in the better news and announcements department, I am moving north again. I should be back in Northern California by month's end. My same friend asked if I was near water. Darn it! I was so eager to get back, I forgot to search for a "room with a view." Oh well, at least I will be back at my home base. So, this is truly a go-nowhere blog full of meaningless stuff to the general population.

Ah, here I will teach you three things I've learned since my divorce:

It sucks when it starts, but if it's the right thing your life will be much improved when it's over. And that is so the truth. I have to say it has taken a full six months and a lot of falling down to finally move toward a more centered place. So chin up all you divorced grasshoppers, it will get better ... just give it some time.

Dating in the 21st century is way more interesting. Texting is definitely the new form of intimacy. What a crack up. The coldest form of communication is the hottest connection -- what is wrong with that picture?

When you can stop crying on a date over your lame divorce and failed relationship, you might actually be with someone with promise. I kept breaking down in tears on dates (yes, guys it sucks for you LOL). I recently started a new relationship and "look ma no more tears!" And that is how I knew, "Hey! Maybe this is someone to stick with."

Moving on and laughing -- that is best cure for everything. Laugh at the ridiculous. Laugh at the sad. And laugh at the fact that you've just crashed and burned but got back up again. If you can laugh you're the richest person on Earth. Laugh most especially at yourself ... you're human.

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