Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dating Advice for Women

All right I am not an expert on this subject -- what is that like the warning label LOL? Well, here I go anyway. The difference in dating in my forties vs. twenties is huge. And here is what I learned. Prettier, younger and less experienced don't trump one key element to why I have more men asking me out in my older version. Men love confident, successful women. Of course, it does helps to keep your looks up, too, but here is the master secret: confidence and inner beauty shine outward. If I have consistently heard one thing over and over again from the men in my life: I don't want drama. Drama comes from where? When we act dramatic, it's because we're coming from a place of insecurity. Insecurity comes from a lack of what? Confidence in ourselves, our value and worth. Stay grounded, secure and confident and build your own life -- and dating becomes an interesting field of dreams. Build up your self-esteem and confidence -- and they will come. I can walk in a room now with men who are much younger or older and grab them not just with my looks but with my presence and power. Hold your power. Hold your confidence. Feel good about who you are -- and the rest will follow.

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