Sunday, September 23, 2012

When We Write We Touch Lives

As writers, we get locked into our little bubble worlds. We focus on the page and the thoughts. We let these thoughts pour out and then we publish them (some of us). We often forget an audience reads our thoughts. I always remember my audience, but when little notes and thoughts about my work come back to me, I am quickly reminded my thoughts went out into the world. I find it exceptionally rewarding and gratifying that some of those thoughts change lives and touch hearts. Never assume everyone out there already knows some of your well-earned wisdom. Once I gave a talk to a room full of women about my first book Second Bloom, and I will never forget the woman who tearfully walked up to me and thanked me for the book and the presentation. She was moved to tears. I felt instantly overwhelmed that my experiences evoked such strong feelings in another human being. The power and talent to do something like that is just overwhelming, which also means you should wield your talent and power with great care and concern, too. I also recently got a comment about one of my blog posts, and the same reaction of powerful emotions toward what I wrote. So, as writers we should keep in the forefronts of our minds that we have an amazing gift to transform lives, inspire others, and provoke thought -- and with that gift we should use it responsibly and with careful thought to what we're doing. And that my friends is my Sunday morning wisdom ...

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