Sunday, September 2, 2012

Why a Book is Better for Business than a Brochure

Have you thought about writing or having someone write a book about your business topic or area of expertise? Did you know a book is better for your business than a brochure and way more effective? Want to know why?

Brochures get thrown away, people don't toss books in the garbage. So true! How many times do you see a book land in the trash can? Don't we all kind of have that feeling waste and "tree vengeance" when we have the nerve to toss a book? Now brochures are a whole other story ... where's the trashcan?

Speaking engagement requests galore. A book is like someone waving a magic wand and sprinkling all kinds of fairy dust on your head to make you an instant expert. What do people do with experts? They ask them to speak. When you get asked to speak, what do you get? Exposure and new business. New business makes money, which equals profits.

Public relations opportunities rock! A book gives you something to announce and promote to the media. It gives you news. News gets picked up by the media. The media promotes your book. Your book promotes your business. Your business gets exposure. Exposure gets you new business. New business makes money, which equals profits.

Passive revenue from book sales. Go speak to a room full of people. People like your presentation. What do they do? They buy your book. I once sold $3,000 in books for a 45-minute presentation. What does that equal per minute? Passive revenue brings in money, which equals profits.

Do you need to be a writer to have a book created for your business? No, you can hire one of 3L Publishing's master writers to work on your project with you. Do it now, because nothing sells your business better than a book. Send an email to or call916-300-8012.

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