Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Morning ... It's Amusing and My Age Revealed

I am home and back with a vengeance. I feel like my old self again -- and it feels great. I'm back out networking and meeting with clients in full force. My funny story telling had come to almost a complete end with my humorless divorce (well, sometimes I felt humor in my ability to laugh at myself) and my sudden realization I might be heading into menopause. Let's discuss menopause (guys tune out) for a moment ... what's fun about it? Nothing. It's only funny in the sense that every now and again I go a little crazy, sweat and need to stick my entire body in the freezer. Yes, many of you are looking at that picture to the right and thinking, "She's not old enough to be going into menopause." Well, yes, yes, I am old enough. Great genes lie about my age. I'm a proud 46-year-old woman. I love to admit my age, because most people are shocked. Again, let me repeat: Great genetics go a long way toward the Fountain of Youth. Other age-preserving "behaviors" ... I don't smoke. I don't drink very often (maybe once a month if that). I eat whole foods. I take care of my skin with sunscreen liberally applied on my face every single day. Fair-skinned people have the advantage of being forced to protect that skin from the harmful rays of the sun. And the last three years, I go twice a month to see Cheryl Mullick at Tre Bella Spa in Auburn where I do essential oil treatments that have cured my arthritis and brought about such good health that in three-years I've only had one cold that lasted two days. The boost to your immune system is incredible and frankly priceless. OK, what have we learned here: divorce sucks, menopause is no fun, good genes rock, and Cheryl Mullick should rule the world!

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