Saturday, September 15, 2012

10 Things I Learned in My Divorce

It's all about the lessons my friends ... so here we go:

1. Always take the high road and do what is best for the kids.
2. Give yourself some breathing room before you get into a new relationship.
3. Remember, you are in charge of your dating life.
4. Create standards for yourself and then stick to them.
5. Create boundaries for yourself and then stick to them.
6. Do not allow your ex to continue to treat you like his wife (you aren't anymore).
7. Any man who doesn't care enough to show up whether it's a date or someone who purports to be your friend isn't really your friend.
8. Make a decision and learn to hold your ground.
9. Everyone deserves to be loved right.
10. Always take the high road.

And the last word on life in general ... let go of control. You have no control over anything but your behavior and reactions. What the other person does isn't within your power to control it. Don't try to force things ... let it flow. And then jump in the current only if you want to be in it.


  1. You got it all right, sister! If your ex-husband doesn’t see you as someone to be standing by him the rest of his life, let him be. I am not saying take revenge on him. All I am saying is that his actions do not have to define your own actions. If he goes left, you can go right as much as you’d want. Don’t associate everything with why and how you got divorced. Otherwise, you won’t be stepping forward anytime soon.

    Louisa Matsuura

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! I believe everything that happens in your life is a learning experience. Divorce can be devastating, but it isn’t the end of your life. You should learn from what happened and re-establish stability in your life. The most important thing to keep in mind is to stay positive. In the end, everything is going to be okay.

    @Janay Stiles\