Thursday, September 29, 2011

Writer's Hazards

I don't know why being a writer invites so much curiosity along with some strange reactions from people. Over the years, I've told strangers about my profession and reactions typically fall across two categories: we'll call the first the "Really" reaction and the second the "Cool" reaction. Here are the responses under each one.

"Do you really write?" What does that mean? I lied about it. I only write under my bed and it's just scribbling anyway and that doesn't count?

"For real?" No, not 'real' just fake. I write to entertain the cat -- and that's not really 'real' is it? The cat bats my wadded up sheets around the kitchen so I guess that's not publishable.

"You're actually published?" No, I call myself a writer just to say it. In fact, let's say it now ... w-r-i-t-e-r. See flows right off the tongue. Never published, though. I just like the word writer. And it makes my grandma happy to tell her friends, but when they ask to see my work, she laughs and says she lost my book.

The "cool" response generally consists of this question: "What do you write?"

P.S., if you're really a writer who wants to be published, submit your sample chapter and synopsis to I promise I won't ask you if this is a "hobby". Cross my heart!

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